OZMETAL AND RUBBER is an Australian owned and operated company with manufacturing facilities in Sydney and overseas. We are committed to provide our customers with quality products at reasonable price backed by excellent support and service.

The owner of the company has got more than 15 years of experience Manufacturing and Project Management across various industries. 

We have our own manufacturing units for making following type of products :

1. Metal parts including machined components and sheet metal components
2. Rubber parts
3. Aluminum extrusions and Castings
4. Security Products like Bollards and Gates
5. Auto clamps and other metal to rubber bonded products
6. Plumbing Supplies
7. Sewer supplies
8. Products for scaffolding industry
9. Parramatta Rope also known as Telstra Rope
10. Duct Rods from 4mm to 16mm
11. Screw on Hand Rods (PVC Rods with Brass at the end)
12. Trailer Parts

Over the years, we have compiled a large supplier base covering all areas of product solutions for various industries. As the marketplace is always growing and changing, it is our aim to keep pace with it and with this in mind, new products and ideas are being added to our range on a regular basis.The valuable feedback from our customers and suppliers is always welcome, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas at any time.